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Once upon a time in Chino CA as wedding videographer I came with a 90's Panasonic camcorder.

It is a Friday, May 12 2023 and I arrive to this peaceful community in Chino that I have never driven on before. Mariel booked me as her videographer just two days before her wedding day, so I didn't know her to well besides a couple Dm's and some photos she posted on instagram. She found me via Tik Tok, from one of my first post. "Do you need a wedding videographer, based in Orange County thats super affordable? but does quality passionate work? Look no further! If you are a summer 2023 bride you are in luck!" Something like that lol Now I did not just bring my Panasonic camcorder from the 90's, I brought my Sony A7iv 4k HD cinematic camera as well. I shot mostly with my Sony but they wanted something more to their wedding video, something that said "Disney lovers" and so I told them about capturing it with a old school camera like the Pixar movie "up". They got the upgraded feature and so GAME ON. ANYWAYS, back to my day of blog!

So I am about to walk up to Mariel's door, as a photographer walks out with the girls and that is how I am introduced to Mariel and her bridal party. As a videographer alone it makes it a bit easier cause at this point im just a third party documenting. There is a love and hate thing about situations like this. That is that one I just pretty much relax a bit more and things are a bit easier cause the photographer does the posing and directing. The bad side is that I do not get to prioritize my shots and get those cinematic, well directed shots and that I get the "left over" shots. I as a experienced videographer know my place in this situation, and so my priority is to make sure that everyone stays in a good mood especially the photographer. Some and I would like to say most videographer's would tell me "You're hired to, you should just talk to the photographer and tell her that you need ot get your shots too and you also are getting paid etc etc." BUT I was hired only a couple days before the event so to me I know that photography was probably the most important to Mariel and Jihad. This is my first blog, I will get better but ill keep this one short. Once I made it clear to the photorgaphers that I will not be getting in their way and I will be sure to let everyone know to always look at their camera lens, the rest fell into pieces. As soon as everything was peaceful and in understand thats where I was able to let go, creatively and respectfully.

The bridal party were so kinds and just up for anything cinamtically. They even offer me a shot of tequila with in the first 30 minutes lol It was laughters yet creatingc cinema Magic, especially cause the photographers happen to leave after the bridal prep shoot to the reception. You can see how the rest of the day plated hopefully at this little Glimpse of their wedding day video. -MarCinema

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